The November 7th concert at Neighborhood House

My November 7th concert at Neighborhood House was the first chance I had to publicly share my work with the amazing architect Jenny Sabin (see: ). Duo Yuemo gave the Philadelphia premiere of my work “Kirigami I”, which was commissioned by Chamber Music America. It’s based in part on Sabin’s research into the use of Kirigami (a traditional Japanese art of folded and cut paper) to create new materials and building structures on a nano to marco scale. She gave a presentation on her research, joined by UPenn scientists Randall Kamien and Shu Yang, all of whom are supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation. The audience really enjoyed this combination of science, architecture and music, so we will present the next phase of this project in March 2015. Stay tuned and read here about the November 7th program, which was a coproduction between Bowerbird and Soundfield, with support from Chamber Music America, The JS Guggenheim Foundation and Drexel University (see Nano to Macro: Music of Kirigami: ).

I will be posting links to the music and video presented on this program soon. And here’s a still from the video of “Sendai Transmissions” (cinematography by Ryutaro Hakamata).

SYSTOLE II -706x397