Kyoto_Naigai” is a large-scale music video, composed and directed by Gene Coleman, with cinematography and editing by Nick Lerman. The work draws on the history of architecture and urban space in Kyoto in the 20th century. It incorporates architecture, dance for camera, music and text (in Japanese and English) to tell a story about the city as globalized space. The composition uses images of historical and contemporary architecture in Kyoto, Japan. The main site is the interior spaces of the Kyoto Station Complex (by Hiroshi HARA), which provides the actual formal structure of the work. Also seen are the exteriors of Buddhist and Shinto temples and the contemporary Kyoto cityscape. The music is played by N_JP, an ensemble of Japanese and Western instruments, conducted by Rei Hotoda. The dance sequences feature the Philadelphia experimental dance artist Nicole Bindler. What you see here is excerpt 6 from the video — the entire piece runs 34 minutes.